• Ultra-Low CR2016 Coin Cell Holder

    Memory Protection Devices, Inc. (MPD) has just introduced the BLP2016SM-GTR, an ultra-low profile CR2016 coin cell holder with top-loading battery entry.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 166

  • Covered 8-AA Battery Pack

    MPD's BK-030 is made of a Polypropylene housing with spring steel, nickel plated contacts.  The output of 12 V for the 8 batteries can be used with many consumer products.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 128

  • Cylindrical Battery Contacts

    MPD manufactures battery contacts and springs for use with cases that have molded battery compartments, as well as for PCB mounting.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 165

  • BQ2032 Enclosed Battery Holder

    Memory Protection Devices, Inc. (MPD) introduces its battery holders for CR2032 cells (part numbers BQ2032-3 and BQ2032-6).

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 119

  • BK-913 Low-Profile CR2032 Battery Retainer

    Memory Protection Devices' BK-913 are 20 mm diameter batteries, offering a 23% narrower width than other competing designs and weighing just 0.8 grams is just the beginning of its benefits.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 85

  • Dual AA Battery Holder

    Memory Protection Devices BK-6100-PC4 battery holder for two AA batteries. With four large stainless steel contacts firmly applying pressure to the AA batteries.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 155

  • Narrow Profile CR2032 Battery Retainer

    Memory Protection Devices’ narrow profile CR2032 battery retainer offers a much narrower width than other competing designs and weighs just 0.48 grams.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 86

  • BK-885 12 mm Coin Cell Retainer

    MPD's BK-885 is a versatile, nickel plated 12 mm coin cell retainer with a low profile design that is ideal for the growing demands of portable electronic equipment.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 113

  • BH23A 23A Battery Holders

    The BH23A 12 V alkaline battery holder from Memory Protection Devices comes in a compact size which holds the 23A (MN21) batteries.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 120

  • BK-915 Side Loading Battery Retainer

    MPD's great connectivity of BK-915 makes it particularly suitable for applications where a reliable connection is paramount.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 101

  • Mini AAAA Battery Holders for Two Cells

    The BE-2AAAA-PC from MPD (Memory Protection Devices) provides the perfect solution for a battery holder that accepts two AAAA-cells.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 96

  • CR1225 Battery Holder with Latching Cover

    Memory Protection Devices' CR1225 battery holder with snap-on cover with both through-hole and surface-mount versions available.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 81

  • CR2477 Battery Retainer with Sliding Tray

    MPD's CR2477 battery retainer with sliding tray that clips together safely for shock and vibration environments.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 109

  • BA2032SM and PC PIN BA2032 Battery Holders

    MPD's BA2032SM and PC PIN BA2032 battery holders are made from a glass-filled Nylon 66 that has a temperature range of -40°C to +225°C.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 103

  • BH9VPC 9 V Battery Holder

    MPD's plastic battery holder that hard mounts down and accepts carbon-zinc, alkaline, lithium or rechargeable 9 V (PP3) batteries.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 128

  • BH26DL D-Cell Battery Holder

    Memory Protection Devices' BH26DL holder is made from black polypropylene offering good stiffness, is heat resistant, a homopolymer, and is rated for food contact.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 89

  • PC Pin and Surface-Mount Coin Cell Holder Evaluati

    MPD’s development kit of through-hole and surface-mount coin cell battery holders includes five pieces of each type.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 83

  • BK-6223-TR Surface Mounting AAAA Battery Contact

    Memory Protection Devices expands its selection of AAAA battery contacts with the addition of part number BK-6223-TR, which is designed for SMT applications.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 60

  • BU1632-JJ-1-G CR1632 Lithium Battery Holder

    MPD’s BU1632-JJ-1-G CR1632 lithium battery holder is designed to meet the stresses of handheld portable applications.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 76

  • Dual Port USB Chargers with 3.4 A Output

    MPD’s AS234A-A is an upgraded version of its AS232 with total output increased from 2.1 A to 3.4 A.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 102