Virtex®-7 FPGA Development Boards

By Xilinx Inc 328

Virtex®-7 FPGA Development Boards

Virtex-7 FPGAs from Xilinx are optimized for system performance and integration at 28 nm and bring best-in-class performance/watt fabric, DSP performance, and I/O bandwidth to customer designs. The family is used in an array of applications such as 10G to 100G networking, portable radar, and ASIC prototyping.

Features Applications
  • Programmable system integration: up to 2 M logic cells, VCXO component, AXI IP, and AMS integration
  • Increased system performance: up to 2.8 Tb/s total serial bandwidth with up to 96 x 13.1 Gb/s GTs, up to 16 x 28.05 Gb/s GTs, 5,335 GMACs, 68 Mb BRAM, DDR3-1866
  • BOM cost reduction: up to 40% lower cost than multi-chip solution, EasyPath™-7 cost reduction path
  • Total power reduction: up to 70% lower power than multi-chip solution
  • Accelerated design productivity: scalable optimized architecture, comprehensive tools, IP and TDPs
  • 100 GE line card
  • 24-channel portable radar beamformer
  • 10GPON/10GEPON OLT line card