Model 2019 Series FLAT® Gas Discharge Tube Su

By Bourns Inc. 139

Model 2019 Series FLAT® Gas Discharge Tube Su

Bourns’ model 2019 series gas discharge tube (GDT) surge arrestors with FLAT® technology set an industry standard by offering a high-current rated two-electrode GDT in an innovative flat package design. Bourns’ FLAT technology delivers high performance in a compact package. The model 2019 series is an ITU K.12 Class IV GDT device rated at 25 kA maximum on an 8/20 µs waveform. The series is offered with DC breakdown voltages ranging from 90 V to 230 V. The series features an innovative low profile, horizontal surface mount design that achieves significant savings in height when compared to a standard 8 mm GDT.

  • Horizontal design provides a significant height and volume savings vs. an 8 mm SMD Bourns GDT
  • Devices do not impact signal or system operation
  • Voltage limiting suitable for sensitive equipment
  • Long term reliability and performance
  • Bottom-side PCB mountable
  • RoHS compliant
  • Halogen-free
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • High surge rating
  • Stable performance over life
  • Low leakage and insertion loss
  • Constant capacitance regardless of voltage
  • Low arc voltage
  • Telecom equipment
  • Industrial communications
  • Surge protective devices
  • High-density PCB assemblies