EM2260 and EM2280 Digital DC-DC Step-Down Converte

By Intel® FPGAs 176

EM2260 and EM2280 Digital DC-DC Step-Down Converte

Simplify the complex task of building high-performance systems with the easy-to-use Intel Enpirion® EM2260 and EM2280 PowerSoC modules. These power management devices integrate the power switches, gate drive, controller, inductor, and compensation to deliver an outstanding combination of power density and conversion efficiency in a small total solution size. Integrated telemetry and a PMBus-compliant interface enable programmability and intelligent power management for added design flexibility and optimization to any system’s unique needs.

  • Footprint-compatible, scalable PowerSoC modules
    • Wide 4.5 V to 16 V input range
    • 0.5 V to 1.3 V output voltage range
    • 60 A and 80 A continuous current with no thermal de-rating
  • Meets high-performance FPGA and ASIC requirements
    • Digital loop for fast transient response
    • 0.5% set-point over line, load (0°C to +85°C), temperature
    • Output ripple as low as 10 mV peak to peak
  • Intelligent power management with real-time telemetry and system health monitoring
  • Programmable through PMBus-compliant interface
  • Able to operate without PMBus through simple resistor-set
  • Small 23 mm x 18 mm QFN package