EtherCAT Junction Boxes

By Molex Inc 181

EtherCAT Junction Boxes

Molex EtherCAT junction boxes support flexible wiring configurations and mounting options in line, tree, or star topologies in a compact footprint, which allows the customer's EtherCAT systems to stay operational in the event of a machine error requiring a shutdown.

A junction box is the central network hub where cables are plugged and unplugged, leading to wear and tear. A compact, metal housing and shielded RJ45 ports help maintain the product’s mechanical and electrical integrity.

When a network infrastructure issue occurs, having an easy way to check a device’s status is crucial. LEDs are positioned on the front panel of the junction box for easy diagnosis. Three rotary dials allow the user to easily identify a junction box with the code specified through the software.

With operation employee numbers shrinking and responsibilities increasing, automation devices need to become easy to use. A supplied XML file affords easy software configuration and an M8 connector provides a robust and reliable connection with less room for installation errors. Applications for this product include industrial automation, specifically in the areas of factory automation and machine builders.

  • Several LED indicators
    • Allow the operators to quickly assess the box’s status and each port’s connection and activity
  • Durable metal enclosure
    • Helps enhance mechanical integrity for devices typically found in harsher industrial environments
  • 8 or 12 EtherCAT ports in a unique compact size
    • Variable number of ports allows greater flexibility in a space-saving design
  • Low-profile M8 power connector
    • Industry-standard connection that takes up a minimal amount of space
  • Din-rail or vertical screw setup
    • Provides flexibility for automation system setup choices
  • Unique, compact housing
    • Space-saving design provides mechanical integrity to ensure continuous functionality
  • Shielded RJ45
    • Shielded connection ensures optimal signal integrity and minimal interruption to vital automation processes