AT Series™ Connectors

By Amphenol Sine Systems Corp 213

AT Series™ Connectors

Amphenol Sine Systems' AT series connectors are a high-performance, cost-effective solution able to be used in a variety of interconnect applications including heavy duty, transportation, marine, diagnostic, military, alternative energy, and agricultural. They contain superior environmental seals and seal retention capabilities.

The connector design incorporates an integral latching system that ensures a definitive electrical and mechanical connection. Connector housings are manufactured with a thermoplastic material that is not only durable but has excellent UV resistance, dielectric/mechanical properties, and is environmentally RoHS compliant. The sealing system is comprised of front and rear silicone seals, multi-sealing the perimeter against environmental ingress. Contacts are derived from quality copper alloy to ensure an electrically-reliable connection.

AT series connectors are compatible with other existing standard products industry-wide.

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Features and Benefits
  • Current capacity: size 16, 13 A (max)
  • Wire range: size 16 contacts will accept wire ranges of 14 AWG through 20 AWG
  • Operating temperature range: -55°C to +125°C at rated current
  • Dielectric value: meets or exceeds 1500 V minimum
  • Drop test: shall not become detached or loosened when placed at 750 mm and dropped to concrete eight times
  • Shock: no latch disengagement or discontinuity shall be the result when subjected to 50 Gs in each of three axes (X, Y, and Z)
  • Vibration: continued continuity without degradation to mechanical or physical attributes following vibration (max acceleration 20 Gs at sine sweep of 10 Hz to 2000 Hz)
  • Connector terminal retention: when subjected to a direct pull, contacts achieve a minimum pull-out force of 25 lbs
  • Connector retention: a mated connector subjected to a pulling force by the exiting wire bundle at 25 lbs times the number of contacts to a maximum of 100 lbs applying load for 30 seconds
  • Thermal shock: subjected to 10 cycles at -55°C to +125°C with no cracking, chipping, or other damage detrimental to the normal operation of the connector
  • Insulation resistance: 1000 MΩ minimum at 25°C
  • Mating cycle durability: following 100 cycles of connection engagement and disengagement, degradation either mechanical or electrical is not evident
  • Contact millivolt drop: size 16 contacts with 16 AWG conductor - 100 mV drop max at 13 A test current
  • Water immersion: a mated connection, properly wired, placed in an oven at +125°C for 1 hour, then placed immediately in a depth of water of 1 meter for 4 hours without loss of electronic performance