FLO Series Metal Push-Pull Connectors

By Amphenol LTW 298

FLO Series Metal Push-Pull Connectors

Amphenol LTW's FLO series of metal push-pull connectors are intermateable with other industry-know push-pull series. The FLO series offers quick and easy mating for a precise and reliable connection for signal, data, and power transmission both in indoor or outdoor environments.


  • FLO Series Catalog
Features and Benefits
  • Easy auto-latching plug, fast and secure
  • Reliable connection for signal/power transmission
  • Metal shell for 360° EMI shielding
  • Flexibility and capability of customization (double ended, overmolded 180/90, adapters, and more)
  • IP50/IPX8 (mated, 1.5 M/24 hrs)