FP0H Programmable Controller

By Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales 155

FP0H Programmable Controller

Panasonic's FP0H series of programmable controllers significantly improves basic performance in an ultra-compact body. With speeds up to eight times faster than conventional models and higher capacity up to 64 K steps, the FP0H will reduce production costs. Connection is made easy with Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, or MC protocol, allowing communication with all kinds of robots and other PLCs. Units accept expansion I/O units, communication cassettes, and positioning units.

These features make the FP0H the perfect device for distributed controls. Serial wiring eliminates a central hub, reduces the load on a control unit, and allows recovery of only failed devices, reducing man-hours. Additionally, system modifications are available per device.

  • Built-in dual Ethernet ports
  • 4-axis pulse outputs
  • SD slot allows project copy function
  • NPN and PNP output types
  • Cassettes allow RS232C and/or RS-485 communication
  • Expansion I/O available
  • FPWIN Pro7S software