MADP-011104-TR0500 High-Power Shunt PIN Diode

By MacomTechnology Solutions 120

MADP-011104-TR0500 High-Power Shunt PIN Diode

MACOM's MADP-011104 is a high-power PIN diode assembled in a lead-free 3 mm 12-lead QFN plastic package. This shunt device provides exceptional switch or attenuator performance from 50 MHz to 5 GHz. This compact device is ideally suited to switch and attenuator applications from HF- through S-band, where higher peak and CW power, lower loss, and higher linearity surface-mount diode assemblies are required.

  • 350 W CW incident power handling @ 3 GHz
  • 0.15 dB insertion loss @ 3 GHz
  • 29 dB isolation @ 3 GHz
  • Lead-free 3 mm 12-lead QFN package
  • Halogen-free green mold compound
  • RoHS compliant