Extended Temperature and Range Bluetooth® 5.0

By Cypress Semiconductor Corp 140

Extended Temperature and Range Bluetooth® 5.0

  Cypress Semiconductor's EZ-BT™ WICED Module (CYBT-343151-02) is a dual-mode Bluetooth BR/EDR and Low Energy (BLE) wireless module solution ideal for a range of IoT applications. This module provides a 12 mm x 15.5 mm x 1.95 mm form-factor and is drop-in compatible with CYBT-343026-01. In addition, this module enables 400 m line-of-sight connectivity as well as operating temperatures -30°C to +105°C.

CYBT-343151-02 is a highly integrated solution, providing:

  • One crystal, 512 KB Flash, PCB antenna
  • Two-wire Global Coexistence Interface (GCI)
  • PCM/I2S audio interface with wideband speech support
  • Simultaneous multiple master and slave
  • Secure over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrade
  • Preprogrammed with EZ-Serial firmware

Kit and Software

Cypress provides an Arduino-compatible, easy-to-use evaluation board (CYBT-343026-EVAL) for this module. Developers can prototype ultra-long-range, Bluetooth IoT applications with this module evaluation board using the WICED Studio SDK.

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