HG-C1000L Series Sensors

By Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales 202

HG-C1000L Series Sensors

Panasonic's intelligent sensors are designed to effectively provide preventative maintenance and remote monitoring over the IO-link network. This provides on-sensor judgments such as normal, error, caution, and alarm states. These sensors also provide a means to quickly and remotely reconfigure sensor settings and operations when warranted.

  • Performs high-level self-diagnosis, classifies the sensor state in three levels: normal, caution, and fault
  • Uses IO-link as a communications method:
    • It is possible to manage individual sensor information, prevent trouble such as a wrong sensor connection, and to shorten the time required to recover from production line trouble
    • Baud rate: 230.4 kbps (COM3)
    • Collection of digital data enables operation monitoring, remote controlling, and batch setting
    • Setting parameters of the sensors are stored in the IO-link master enabling automatic writing from the master when devices are replaced
  • Cables are available in two types: discrete wire type and M12 connector type:
    • M12 connector type supports the Smartclick and can be connected to the IO-Link master by just turning by 1/8 turn
    • Connectors other than Smartclick can be connected using an ordinary screw tightening method
  • 4-core cable specifications that separately output the control output (DO) and the communication output (C/Q)
  • Same size and mounting procedures as for the existing series models