Resistance Pro Meter and Accessories

By SCS 176

Resistance Pro Meter and Accessories

The SCS resistance pro meter is an instrument designed to measure resistance point-to-point (RTT) or surface-to-ground (RTG). It also measures ambient temperature and relative humidity. Up to 100 measurements may be stored and recalled from the meter's internal memory. This includes the resistance value, temperature, relative humidity, and test voltage at the time of the measurement. This resistance pro meter is also available as a kit with included measurement labels, a concentric ring probe, handheld electrodes, and a carrying and storage case.


  • Large OLED display
    • Displays resistance mantissa and exponent, temperature, relative humidity, and test voltage
  • Internal memory
    • Stores and recalls up to 100 measurements
  • Measurement stability modes
    • Sets the 15-second electrification period for test requirements
  • Digital compliance verification surface resistance meter kit
    • Measures resistance point-to-point (RTT) and resistance-to-ground (RTG) of work surfaces, flooring systems, garments, packaging, and other materials in accordance with ESD association documents: ESD TR53, ANSI/ESD S4.1, ANSI/ESD S7.1, ANSI/ESD STM97.1, and others
  • Resistance range: 1.0 Ω x 103 Ω to 1.0 Ω x 1012 Ω
    • Determines if a surface is conductive, dissipative, or insulative for ESD control applications in electronics manufacturing or handling environments
  • Under load test voltages (10 V or 100 V ±5%)
    • Meets ANSI/ESD S20.20 resistance testing requirements for product qualification and compliance verification
  • NIST calibrated with certificate included

Accessories include:

  • Electrode spacers
    • Spaces the 5 lb electrodes to 10 inches and 36 inches for resistance point-to-point (RTT) measurement requirements of ANSI/ESD S.1 and ANSI/ESD S4.1
  • Measurement location labels (pack of 25)
    • Labels and tracks areas and materials measured for surface resistance