SM8S-Q Series AEC-Q101 Compliant TVS Diodes

By Bourns Inc. 120

SM8S-Q Series AEC-Q101 Compliant TVS Diodes

The Bourns® model SM8S-Q for surge and ESD protection applications come in a compact chip package DO-218 size format. The transient voltage suppressor series offers a choice of working peak reverse voltage from 16 V up to 43 V. Typical fast response times are less than 1.0 picosecond from 0 V to breakdown voltage.

These unidirectional and bidirectional TVS diodes are well suited for protecting against voltage transients and ESD protection of DC power supplies and data lines.

These AEC-Q101 compliant products are also well-suited for applications that require high reliability such as power supplies and equipment used in harsh environments.

  • Maximum peak power dissipation: 6600 watts
  • Meets ISO7637-2/ISO16750-2 surge specification (varies by test condition)
  • RoHS compliant
  • AEC-Q101 compliant
  • High peak power applications (up to rated limits)
  • High-temperature applications (up to rated limits)
  • Clamping diodes
  • Load switching and lighting