Thermoset Rubber Ball Knobs

By Davies Molding, LLC. 201

Thermoset Rubber Ball Knobs

Davies Molding’s thermoset rubber ball knobs offer a tactile feel and low heat generation to allow for a comfortable grip. Natural rubber offers the benefits of high tensile strength and excellent impact resistance. Since it is also resistant to water, chemicals, and UV, it offers outstanding resistance to wear and tear. Applications for ball knobs include lawn mowers, exercise equipment, machinery, valves, spigots, levers and much more.

  • Temperature withstanding capability: -40°F to +158°F
  • Elongation at break: 473.59% to 485.23%
  • Natural rubber compound with brass insert
  • Hardness shore A values: 63 to 68
  • Tensile strength: 220.19 MPa to 225.4 MPa
  • Color: black