TrEOS Single-Line ESD Protection

By Nexperia 210

TrEOS Single-Line ESD Protection

Nexperia’s TrEOS single-line ESD protection offers a combination of low capacitance, low clamping voltage, and high ESD robustness helping safeguard 10 Gbps+ data lines systems. With conventional ESD protection, tradeoffs must be made between robustness, signal integrity, and system protection resulting in adequate protection on only two of these three core parameters. For protecting USB ports, low capacitance has customarily been valued at the detriment of protection against surge levels. High-speed interfaces, such as USB Type-C™, can subject systems to surge pulses through defective cables that might discharge to the transceiver.

Nexperia’s TrEOS solutions alleviate the traditional protection challenge by delivering benchmark performance in all areas and are housed in the extensively proven DSN0603-2 package:

  • Extremely low capacitance (down to 0.1 pF)
  • Extremely low clamping (down to 0.1 Ω)
  • High robustness against surge (up to 20 A 8/20 µs)

Nexperia’s TrEOS portfolio for high-speed data lines is composed of two subsets of devices which can be employed together or separately:

  • Extremely high surge robustness devices are designed to be placed between the connector and AC capacitor to protect the decoupling capacitor and transceiver against possible peak pulses (up to 20 A)
  • Extremely low peak voltages devices are designed to be placed between the capacitor and the device offering low trigger voltage to maximize system-level protection (Vt1 as low as 4.3 V)

Combining a protection device from both subsets is suggested to achieve ultimate ESD protection.

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  • ESD protection without compromise TrEOS protection from Nexperia
TrEOS Brochure
  • Uncompromising ESD protection for USB3.x, HDMI 2.x & Universal Flash
  • Maximized protection for all three ESD factors
  • Suited for USB 3.2 SuperSpeed and HDMI 2.x TMDS data lines
  • Reliable protection for sensitive transceiver SoCs
  • Exceeding IEC61000-4-2 level 4, IEC61000-4-5 grade robustness
  • 2 V, 2.5 V, 3.3 V, 4 V, 5 V, 6.5 V, and 7 V VRWM specification
  • Low capacitance silicon with deep snap-back
  • Ultra-low dynamic resistance/capacitance combination
  • Extremely fast switching time (under 1 ns)
  • Low-inductance and bond wire-free DSN0603-2
  • Unmatched 8/20 µs surge robustness (up to 20 A IPMM)