X2SON Ultra-Small MicroPak

By Nexperia 175

X2SON Ultra-Small MicroPak

Nexperia's development of the innovative 4-pin X2SON4 package (SOT1269-2), part of the X2SON MicroPak range, provides the smallest footprint for logic buffers and inverters. X2SON4 is also known as GX4 and is one of the smallest 4-pad logic leadless plastic package for use without a step-down mask since its pad pitch remains ≥0.4 mm. Ten types have been released covering AUP and LVC technologies, including several with Schmitt-trigger and open-drain features.

  • Mobile devices
  • Portable computing
  • IoT and wearables
  • Consumer electronics
  • Nexperia X2SON Ultra-Small MicroPak datasheet
  • Small footprint (up to -36% vs. GF and -25% vs. GN packages)
  • High contact area-to-chip ratio and enhanced durability
  • RoHS and dark-green compliant with nickel-palladium-gold lead-frame finish
  • Low profile height (0.35 mm) and low width (0.8 mm)
  • Lower PCB costs, easier placement, and miniaturization
  • No step-down stencil, lowering cost and facilitating assembly
  • Future-proof: part of Nexperia's recommended packages