Danube Audio Modules

By USound GmbH 159

Danube Audio Modules

USound GmbH’s Danube audio module provides the best-in-class ratio between audio performance and needed mechanical volume. MEMS-based high-tech audio module designed for enhancing glasses. It can be used to equip glasses with an appealing sound experience by combining an electrodynamic (ED) woofer and MEMS tweeter in a 2-way audio system. The built-in amplifiers and DAC allow customers to use I2S as a digital audio input for the module.

There are two versions of the audio module, one for the left side (UAM-P 20L10) and a mirrored version for the right side (UAM-P 20R10).

  • 2-way audio system with one ED and one MEMS tweeter to achieve full bandwidth performance
  • Dipole configuration for woofer to get maximum sound directivity towards the ear canal
  • Power amplifiers and DAC integrated in audio module for optimal signal integrity and form factor
  • Audio input interface is I2S
  • Configurable via an I2C interface
  • VR and AR glasses
  • Wearables


UAM-P 2010