HB03 Series Connectors

By JAE Electronics 254

HB03 Series Connectors

JAE's HB03 series of compact in-line cable connectors were created in response to the ever-increasing global demand for compact connectors used in continually shrinking spaces. Specifically engineered for threading cables through narrow spaces, it features a sophisticated one-touch lock mechanism for easy operation. Unlike common off-the-shelf industrial connectors, the HB03 series locking tab does not protrude from the connector body and offers advantages in reduced size and minimized risk damage when working in compact spaces.

The HB03 is a compact industrial in-line cable connector designed for use in robotic applications and automated machinery. It is specifically designed to allow quick-connect and quick-disconnect functionality within tight workspaces. The HB03 is UL recognized and designed for safety.

  • Secure one-touch locking with tangible click
  • Streamline connector with low-profile locking tab
  • Compact housing that can be threaded through tight spaces inside devices
  • Crimp type connection allows for easy and secure termination
  • Compatible with a wide range of wire sizes (AWG #30 to AWG #24)
  • UL recognized product: File no. E67741
  • Robotics
  • Automated machinery
  • Machine tools
  • Industrial equipment
  • Vehicles