SCT7650EX Series Surface Capacitive Touch System

By 3M 187

SCT7650EX Series Surface Capacitive Touch System

The 3M SCT7650EX system is a rugged version of 3M’s industry-leading surface capacitive system. This sensor’s optimized design offers 86.5% light transmission for brighter, crisper display images (compared to 81% for typical rugged surface capacitive sensors) while providing superior impact resistance by exceeding the UL 60950-1 certification (500 gram steel ball dropped from a 1.3 meter height). In the event of a sensor breaking by extraordinary impact, the laminated construction is designed to help protect the user from glass shards by holding the multi-layered sensor together.

The systems’ sophisticated 3M EX controller provides superior touch speed performance and industry-leading reliability. This controller is well known for its <5.4 millisecond response time and “intentional touch” capability, where false touches don’t register if a user’s finger hovers over the screen or from inadvertent screen contact with jewelry, clothing, or other personal items.

The SCT7650EX requires a cable to drive the touch sensor.

  • Laminated glass solution with 3M™ clearTek hard coat
  • Superior surface durability maintains optical and functional performance
  • EXII electronics provide high MTBF provides reliable system performance
  • Scratch-resistant top coat with low surface energy to resist surface scratching
  • High ESD performance to meet industry requirements
  • Dedicated ASIC creates fast, accurate touch response
  • Smooth surface for better drag and draw performance
  • ATMs
  • Unattended kiosks
  • Point of information systems
  • Retail self-service
  • Outdoor kiosks
  • Vending machines
  • Outdoor ATMs