Smart Headset Development Kit for the Google Assis

By Qualcomm 177

Smart Headset Development Kit for the Google Assis

The end-to-end Bluetooth® Qualcomm smart headset reference design supports push-button activation for the Google service which connects to the Google app running on the phone, which in turn connects to the Google Cloud service. This reference design, based on the Qualcomm smart headset platform, can be used by manufacturers to help them evaluate the Google Assistant on-the-go with a mobile phone. Support for Google Assistant is planned to be provided as an add-on for ADK 6.3.1.

Based on Qualcomm Technologies’ Bluetooth audio system on a chip (SoC) QCC5100 series, the solution offers ultra-low-power consumption to help extend playback time and battery life. Qualcomm cVc™ noise reduction technology supports active noise cancellation and superior audio quality while on a voice call. Manufacturers can also add Qualcomm aptX™ HD designed for high-resolution wireless audio. Qualcomm supports the Google Fast Pair spec on the QCC5100, QCC302X, and QCC303X series, which helps optimize the out-of-box pairing experience for end users.

The end-to-end Bluetooth Qualcomm smart audio headset development kit supports push-to-talk activation for the Google Assistant for an Android phone that has the Google Assistant app installed. It is designed to provide the hardware and software components needed to help manufacturers overcome common and significant design challenges for small, low-power smart headsets and to commercialize their own products quickly and more cost-effectively.

Development of the smart headset reference design is possible with the Bluetooth developer license. For more detailed hardware development, the open board development kit can be purchased along with a transaction bridge for debugging.Programming the open board development kit requires the use of a transaction bridge which is not included with the development kit.

Features of QCC5100, QCC302x, and QCC303x
  • Designed for unprecedented efficiency in power consumption compared to previous generations
  • Support the development of very small form factor, richly-featured earbuds
  • Comprehensive and customizable audio development kit (ADK)
  • Qualcomm aptX and aptX HD audio technologies are designed to deliver consistent, high-quality audio streaming over Bluetooth
  • Quad-core processing architecture provides two application processors and two DSP units, alowing for an extensive degree of parallel processing, supporting user experiences not previously possible
Features of Qualcomm smart headset reference design
  • Occluded earbuds with ear interface rubbers available from a third party
  • One Qualcomm QCC5124 BGA90 on the right side
  • Flexy rigid PCB design in both sides
  • 2-mic cVc noise reduction technology on the right side during voice call
  • One 60 mA battery per side
  • Micro USB charging on the right side
  • Software binary image: ADK-based stereo sink application supporting Google Assistant
  • Detailed hardware design pack available