TNL-PRIMER-NB TapNLink™ PRIMER Evaluation Kit

By IoTize 186

TNL-PRIMER-NB TapNLink™ PRIMER Evaluation Kit

IoTize's TNL-PRIMER-NB TapNLink PRIMER evaluation board enhances MCU-based systems with near-field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) with ease. In just minutes, create customized human-machine interfaces (HMI) that run on Android or iOS mobile devices and make them available to other users via the cloud. Users can see the data viewed on their mobile device or modify the parameters that they have access to. The data they view can be logged automatically to a cloud platform.

The TapNLink PRIMER makes it easy to test wireless connectivity enhancements by providing plug-n-play NFC and Bluetooth wireless interfaces, immediate, auto-generated HMI apps for mobile devices, a pre-configured, provisioned cloud platform, and a complete sample implementation on an STM32 (Cortex®-M) application board. The PRIMER’s NFC interface allows users to experience the ease, convenience, and security of NFC wake-up and pairing of the Bluetooth interface with mobile devices.

The PRIMER enables users to add NFC and Bluetooth to their design without the need for recoding or hardware to redesign. The PRIMER connects directly to existing applications on the MCU's debug port (for Cortex-M) or on 2 GPIO enabled with IoTize's S3P serial protocol. It only takes minutes to configure the TapNLink PRIMER to allow password-protected, read and/or write access to variables in MCU applications. The free software configuration environment automatically creates the user interface apps for mobiles based on the configuration. It updates the cloud platform to log the variables that are selected.

The TapNLink PRIMER includes an ArdTap library for integration in Arduino-based systems. ArdTap library is available through the Arduino development environment for easy integration into existing or new projects.

  • TnL-FIR103 wireless module:
    • NFC Type5 tag (ISO/IEC 15693): configurable secure pairing with NFC
    • BLE 4.1
    • Three MCU connections: SWD debug/program port (instant wireless on Cortex-M devices), serial port (S3P for secure wireless), and UART port (Modbus for wireless fieldbus)
    • Configurable access and encrypted profiles
    • AES-128 data encryption
    • Configuration: up to 500 accessible data addresses and up to 100 user profiles
    • Read and/or write access
    • Input voltage: 2.3 V to 3.6 V
    • Compliance: FCC, CE, IC, REACH, and RoHS
    • Optional ABS protective casing available
  • Plastic casing
  • Probe cables
  • IoTize studio configuration environment for Windows (free, no license or registration)
  • Preconfigured, provisioned cloud PRIMER platform (registration required)
  • Sensor-demo sample application and STM32 application board
  • Off-boarded HMI via wireless on phones, tablets, and PDA
  • Wireless access controls of machines/appliances
  • Wireless configuration of machines/appliances
  • Wireless monitoring for machines/appliances
  • Itinerant, wireless cloud gateways for machines/appliances
  • Wireless MCU (re)programming