1000 V Ultra-Junction X-Class HiPerFET™ Power MOSF

By IXYS 112

1000 V Ultra-Junction X-Class HiPerFET™ Power MOSF

The 1000 V Ultra-Junction X-Class HiPerFET power MOSFET power semiconductor product line from IXYS, now part of Littelfuse, are optimized for soft-switching power conversion applications. They offer on-resistances and gate charges as low as 66 milliohms and 113 nanocoulombs, respectively.

Developed using the charge compensation principle and proprietary process technology, the 1000 V devices exhibit ultra-low on-state resistances, along with low gate charges and superior dv/dt performance. Their avalanche capability enhances their ruggedness, preventing device failure induced by voltage transients and accidental turn-on of parasitic bipolar transistors. In addition, thanks to the fast body diode, these ultra-junction MOSFETs help increase efficiency. Each MOSFET can replace several parallel-connected higher on-resistance devices, simplifying the design, improving reliability, and saving cost at the same time.

Well-suited applications include such high-efficiency, high-power density applications as resonant-mode power supplies, AC and DC motor drives, DC-DC converters, robotic and servo controls, smart meters, renewable energy inverters, welding inverters, and battery chargers.

The 1000 V X-Class Power MOSFETs with HiPerFET body diodes are available in international standard size packages of TO-247, PLUS247, TO-268HV, SOT-227, TO-264, and PLUS264. Part numbers include IXFH26N100X, IXFT32N100X, IXFK52N100X, and IXFN74N100X with current ratings of 26 A, 32 A, 52 A, and 74 A, respectively.

  • Ultra-low on-resistance RDS(ON) and gate charge Qg
  • Fast body diode
  • Superior dv/dt performance
  • Avalanche capability
  • Low package inductance
  • International standard packages
  • Higher efficiency
  • Improved system reliability
  • Easy to mount
  • Space and cost savings
  • Resonant mode power supplies
  • AC and DC motor drives
  • DC-DC converters
  • Robotic and servo controls
  • Smart meters
  • Renewable-energy inverters
  • Welding inverters
  • Battery chargers