Adhesion Promoter 111

By 3M 237

Adhesion Promoter 111

3M™ Adhesion Promoter 111 is a fast-acting, isopropyl alcohol-based solution designed to promote better and faster adhesion of 3M VHB tapes. This product works particularly well for adhering 3M VHB tapes to high surface-energy substrates like galvanized steel, bare metals, and painted surfaces.

Scientific Assistance

Even the best products can use a bit of assistance on occasion, and that is the idea behind 3M's Adhesion Promoter 111. It is designed to help VHB tapes adhere to high energy substrates which are historically difficult to form an adhesive bond against. This includes surfaces such as galvanized steel, bare metals, and painted surfaces. The isopropyl alcohol-based formula dries in one minute to maximize working time and eliminate downtime. Unlike many alcohol-based chemicals, it emits a non-offensive odor.

Clean, Prime, and Adhere with Confidence

In addition to aiding in adhesion, Adhesive Primer 111 also works as a surface primer on some surfaces. It cleans and promotes adhesion in a single step, provided the surface is relatively clean and free of wax, grease, oil, and loose particles, saving users both time and effort. When the tape is bonded in conjunction with Adhesive Promoter 111, it increases the chemical and moisture resistance of the bond while adding additional sheer strength; this ensures the tape will not migrate or unexpectedly detach from the surface.

Features and Benefits
  • Increases bond strength on surfaces that are traditionally difficult to adhere, such as paint and metal
  • Isopropyl alcohol-based solvent system dries very quickly while producing a non-offensive odor
  • Increased build rate at both normal and cooler temperatures
  • Acts as a primer in certain applications to clean and promote adhesion in a single step, saving time and effort


111 8.45OZ