Miniature Crystal Ovens

By Taitien 200

Miniature Crystal Ovens

Taitien’s M43, M05, and MAJ series of mini ovens are unique electronic components that maintain stable and constant temperature for components that operate over wide temperature ranges including: quartz crystals, oscillators, crystal filters, transducers, sensors, accelerometers, MEMs, voltage references, filters, gyros, semiconductors, transducers, and laser diodes. Mini ovens have proportionally controlled heater circuits with fast warm-up characteristics.

Designed to mate with HC-18U/HC-25U/HC-42U/HC-43U/HC-49U/HC-50U crystal packages, and HC-35U/TO-5/TO-39 crystal and transistor packages, Taitien’s mini ovens provide temperature performance of ±3°C from -40°C to +10°C below the requested set point. Turn-on power is less than 6 W, with a typical steady state power of 0.84 W at +25°C for a +60°C set point. The mini oven offers a fast warm-up with less than ±1°C of the final set point temperature in less than two minutes. Supply voltage ranges from +5 VDC to +28 VDC.