Multimec™ 10C Caps

By MEC Switches 213

Multimec™ 10C Caps

MEC Switches' Multimec 10C cap is 19.2 mm in diameter and has a slightly concave surface. It consists of two parts: the top part which goes through the panel and the bottom part that is a diffuser. The two-part design helps provide excellent illumination.

The 10C cap, with its ergonomic feel and size, provides different design possibilities for multiple applications. Whether illuminated or non-illuminated, simple solid color front or with pad printing or hard painted and laser etched legends, this cap provides many options while keeping consistency within the design. Modularity in function can be added with the many possibilities of Multimec 5G switches, all at the same total height of 13.7 mm.

  • Slightly concave round cap
  • Diameter: 19.2 mm
  • Height: 13.7 mm
  • Consists of two pieces
  • Designed for excellent illumination
  • Available in multiple colors