Slim-Width 3036 Coin Cell Retainer

By Keystone Electronics 219

Slim-Width 3036 Coin Cell Retainer

Keystone's 3036 coin cell retainers feature an ultra-narrow profile and are engineered with dual springs to assure low contact resistance and connectivity. The retainers are clearly marked with polarity indication. The versatile design makes these retainers ideal for high-density PCB packaging in single-use RFID and price-sensitive consumer applications.

These retainers are made of phosphor bronze with solder tails located outside of the retainer body to ease solder joint visual inspections. For retainers with a nickel-plating for low contact resistance and high-temperature soldering that are packaged in bulk, request catalog part number 3036. For retainers packaged in a 500-piece tape-and-reel, specify catalog part number 3036TR. The retainers operate smoothly with vacuum and mechanical pick-and-place assembly systems. The 3036 coin cell retainers are compatible with lead-free and traditional reflow processing.

  • Ultra-narrow profile
  • Dual springs
  • Material: phosphor bronze
  • Ideal for high-density PCB packaging
  • Compatible with lead-free and traditional reflow processing
  • Single-use RFIDs
  • Price-sensitive consumer applications
  • Vacuum assembly systems
  • Mechanical pick-and-place assembly systems