SP4T RF Switch with MIPI 2.0

By Infineon Technologies 193

SP4T RF Switch with MIPI 2.0

Infineon’s SP4T RF switch with MIPI 2.0 is based on Infineon’s proprietary technology and has excellent RF performance. The ultra-low insertion loss helps customers to achieve high system sensitivity; the coverage of LTE Tx power and 6 GHz enables a very broad application. The SP4F RF switch features DC-free RF ports; external DC blocking capacitors at the RF ports are only required if DC voltage is applied externally. It has an on-chip MIPI RFFE 2.0 controller that is fully compatible with industry standards. The SP4F RF switch has an external USID_SEL pin which allows two devices per MIPI RFFE bus.

Features and Benefits
  • LTE TX power handling capabilities
  • 0.1 GHz to 6.0 GHz coverage for LTE and LAA applications
  • No decoupling capacitors required (unless DC applied on RF lines)
  • Small form factor 1.15 mm x 1.55 mm for easy integrations
  • Ultra-low insertion loss: 0.3 dB for band 41 and 0.85 dB for LTE U/LAA
  • PCB and costs savings
  • Fully compatible with MIPI 2.0 RFFE standards
  • Select pin for USID allows two devices per MIPI RFFE bus
  • Optimized for high frequency applications
  • Select pin for USID increases flexibility in RF FE architecture
Block Diagram


  • Mobile devices