SprintIR®-W CO2 Sensor

By Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd 148

SprintIR®-W CO2 Sensor

Gas Sensing Solutions' SprintIR-W is a high-speed CO2 sensor. It measures 0 to 20% CO2 concentration and comes with an optional flow-through adapter. The sensor captures 20 readings per second, which makes it ideal for high-speed sensing requirements, and for measuring rapidly changing CO2 levels.

Its low power requirement also makes it ideal for battery-powered systems, including portable, wearable, and self-powered applications. The SprintIR-W is built on the unique patented LED technology platform and optical designs of GSS. It is this solid-state technology that enables some of the best speed, power consumption, and durability in its class.

SprintIR-W is available in measurement ranges 0 to 20% concentration. The sensor caters to high-speed sensing and capture of rapidly changing CO2 levels. This includes breath analysis, analytical instrumentation, and other real-time CO2 monitoring applications. The sensor is suitable for battery applications where low power consumption is required, including wearable applications.

  • Gas sensor type: carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Start-up time: 1.2 secs
  • Operating conditions (temperature): 0°C to +50°C
  • Operating conditions (humidity): 0 to 95% RH, non-condensing
  • Sensing method: solid-state non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) absorption, patented solid-state LED and detector, patented gold-plated optics
  • Measurement range: 0 to 20%
  • Operating pressure range: 500 mbar to 10 bar
  • Response time (to a step change in gas level): 10 secs to 2 mins
  • Power input: 3.25 V to 5.5 V (3.3 V recommended)
    • Peak current: 33 mA
    • Average current: <1.5 mA
  • Power consumption: 3.5 mW
  • Lifetime: >15 years
  • Communication: UART and voltage output
  • High-speed sensing: 20 Hz
  • Low power/energy consumption: 35 mW
  • Solid-state: no moving parts, no heated filaments
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • Non-heating
  • Digital (UART) output
  • RoHS compliant
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Rapid measurements: 20 measurements/second
  • Fast response (see graph in datasheet)
  • Ideal for low power and battery applications
  • Suitable for wireless, portable, wearable, and self-powered systems
  • Integrates with wireless IoT networks such as Zigbee®, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Bluetooth®, SigFox, and EnOcean
  • Healthcare
  • Food packaging
  • Transportation
  • Academia