VIM2 Versatile Amlogic S912 SBC with SPI Flash and

By Khadas 178

VIM2 Versatile Amlogic S912 SBC with SPI Flash and

Khadas' VIM2 SBC is a powerful credit-card sized single board computer that comes with a variety of case options. Use it straight out-of-the-box with pre-installed Android 7.1 and the included USB-C to USB-2.0 cable.

Install a wide variety of open source OSes such as Armbian, Arch Linux, or Ubuntu 18.04. Even triple-boot Android, Linux, and LibreELEC with custom eMMC images made by Khadas' vibrant developer community. The powerful 8-core Amlogic A53 SoC at 1.5 GHz makes quick-work of opening applications and performing desktop-like tasks.

Turn the VIM2 into a powerful TV box or home media center by installing a media OS such as LibreELEC, CoreELEC, or Android TV. The powerful Mali T820 GPU provides hardware UHD H.265/VP9 decoding at 60 frames-per-second and HDR10 and HLG HDR video processing for smooth 4K video playback.

Audiophiles and Hi-Fi developers will be delighted to know that the VIM2 can be extended with the Khadas Tone Board for high-fidelity RCA audio output. With Volumio installed, users can play back lossless audio files, such as WAV or DSD256, while controlling an entire listening experience with the Volumio smartphone app.

  • Excellent performance
    • 1.5 GHz 64-bit 8-Core CPU, T820MP3 GPU, up to 3 GB DDR4 and 64 GB eMMC
  • Unlimited connectivity
    • 2x2 MIMO 802.11ac Wi-Fi, 5.x Bluetooth®, Gigabit LAN, and a USB Type-C™ 2.0 port
  • Advanced features
    • WOL (Wake On LAN) and RSDB Wi-Fi improves the user experience
  • Maker friendly
    • 40-pin GPIO header, cooling fan slot, a programmable MCU, and Khadas TST
  • Multimedia powerhouse
    • HDMI 2.0a with a powerful VPU for 10-bit 4K H.265/VP9 at 60 fps playback
  • Tiny form factor
    • Thin and light with the dimensions of a credit card
  • Hardware documentation
    • Schematics, drawings, and specifications
  • Beginner's guide
    • Getting Started
  • Available software
    • Operating system images (ROMs)
      • Android 7.1
      • Ubuntu 18.04
      • LibreELEC
      • Dual-Boot
      • U-Boot
      • Third party images (ROMs)
        • Android TV
        • Armbian
        • LibreELEC
        • CoreELEC
        • Volumio
        • Arch Linux
        • Triple-Boot
    • Developer software
      • Fenix - Custom Ubuntu / Debian Build Script
      • Tensorflow
      • Docker
      • Golang
      • MCU Development
  • Mini-computers
    • Install a desktop OS like Armbian, Arch Linux, or Ubuntu 18.04
  • Nano servers
    • Install a server OS and run web services, a file server, and more
  • TV box/media centers
    • Install a media OS like LibreELEC, CoreELEC, Volumio, or Android TV
  • Digital signage
    • Refresh the content of digital signage remotely with WOL + RTC
  • Development platforms
    • Android 7.1, Docker, build custom Ubuntu/Debian images with Fenix
  • Mining clusters
    • Network VIM2 SBCs to make a cryptocurrency mining cluster